Vohnkar was a male Nelwyn who hailed from the same village as Willow Ufgood. He led the attack against the Death Dogs that raided the village during the Planting Festival[1] that took place 1342 years after the Nelwyn Arrival Day.[2]

When Vohnkar volunteered to accompany Willow Ufgood's quest to return baby Elora Danan to the Daikini crossroads, Prefect Burglekutt said that the village could not afford to lose their best warrior. However, when High Aldwin Junn ordered Burglekutt to lead the expedition, the prefect became frightened and called for Vohnkar's help.[1]

Vohnkar and two other Nelwyn warriors accompanied Willow to the crossroads at one instance hiding from Nockmaar riders. Vohnkar followed Burglekutt back to the village when Willow refused to entrust the baby to a shady Daikini named Madmartigan.[1]



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