Tir Asleen

Tir Asleen

Tir Asleen was considered the greatest of all kingdoms on Andowyne, dotted by beautiful and inspiring castles on its highest hills. Rulers maintained control for nearly a thousand years magically creating an environment in which the natives lived in peace and harmony. Other buildings housed immense libraries, where sorcerers and philosophers studied side-by-side. The core of the castle was the royal tower around which component fortifications were arrayed. Below the Royal suites was a whole floor for the royal bedrooms.

The peace came to an end when Bavmorda rose to power and froze Tir Alseen in stasis, sealing it off from outsiders and forcing its inhabitants into a state of suspended animation.

Cherlindrea sends Willow on a quest to find Fin Raziel and to take Elora Danan to Tir Asleen where a good king and queen will look after her. When they arrive at Tir Asleen, they find that all of the people have been turned to stone.

A great battle occurs there between the Nockmaar army and the Galladoorn army, during which General Kael captures Elora Danan.

When Willow Ufgood and Fin Raziel defeated Bavmorda, Tir Asleen was freed from its captivity, and its people were once again allowed to roam its streets.

Tir Asleen held a great celebration for the birthday of Elora. In a dream of his Willow was brought to the castle on the back of the dragon Calan Dineer. Shortly afterward, however, Tir Asleen was razed during the Cataclysm. Nothing was left standing in its place, and the entire population of the kingdom disappeared.


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