The Daikini woman only known as "the Wench" was the wife of Llug, a huge and unsubtle man.[1] Although she initially did not wish to marry him, she had reluctantly accepted his proposal after he had sat on her for three hours. Though Llug granted himself the right to seduce other women, he did not allow the same privileges to the Wench, claiming that "Wife oughter sit home with the young'uns an' cook."[2]

Nevertheless, her husband's jealousy did not prevent the Wench from having a liaison with Madmartigan in a roadside tavern. When she realized Llug was about to catch them in the act, she quickly disguised her paramour into a woman. As the door burst open and Llug stomped in, the Wench introduced Madmartigan as her cousin "Hilda."[1]

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In Willow, the Wench was played by Jennifer Guy.



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