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The Official Willow Movie Magazine is a 66-page magazine that was released by Starlog Press in 1988. It is entirely devoted to George Lucas' and Ron Howard's movie Willow.


  • The Chronicles of Willow (pages 4-14)
  • Willow Ufgood: Warwick Davis (pages 16-18)
  • Madmartigan: Val Kilmer (pages 20-22)
  • Sorsha: Joanne Whalley (pages 24-26)
  • Queen Bavmorda: Jean Marsh (pages 29-31)
  • General Kael: Patrick Roach (pages 33-35)
  • Airk Thaughbaer: Gavan O'Herlihy (pages 37-39)
  • The High Aldwin: Billy Barty (pages 40-41)
  • The Brownies: Rick Overton and Kevin Pollak (pages 42-45)
  • The Making of Willow: Director Ron Howard (pages 47-52)
  • The Special Visual Effects of Willow (pages 58-66)