The Texts of the Third Order were a trio of evil spellbooks that possessed a degree of sentience. The first was the Malatrium, the second was King Bargatalo's Nineteen Curses, and the last was informally known as the Stone Book. When Bavmorda was still a trainee sorceress in Tir Asleen, the Malatrium chose her as its new owner. Years later, when she had become the nefarious Demon Queen of Nockmaar, Bavmorda had acquired at least one of the remaining Texts, if not the two of them. Thanks to those evil spellbooks, the enchantress learned how to create a Canyon Maze around Tir Asleen and how to encase its inhabitants in quartz. Some speculated that she might also have drawn on the three books' resources to elborate her most heinous Ritual of Obliteration. Because of the contingency spell that protected them, the Texts of the Third Order vanished immediately after Bavmorda's death.


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