Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Background Information
Type Megalithic monument[1]
Location In the Wilderness, south-east of the Nelwyn Valley[1]
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants Spirits of the stones[2]
First appearance The Willow Game[2]

The Standing Stones were a group of monoliths that predated recorded history and were located in the Wilderness region of Andowyne's Western continent, south-east of the Nelwyn Valley. Although some attributed their origin to the Elves or the Mong Kok, the Standing Stones were more likely built by the Senkadi druids long before the rise and fall of the Demon Queen Bavmorda, as were other similar megalithic structures.[1]

The stones, each of which weighed many tons, stood on flat ground far from any river or quarry. Their arrangement was symmetrical around a central altar, but did not seem to hold a clear purpose, since the stones did not predict seasonal changes. While scholars surmised that the Standing Stones may have been used to somehow concentrate magical energy, no magician ever commented.[1] In the later years of Bavmorda's reign, the stones were inhabited by spirits whom some individuals prayed to.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Standing Stones were originally meant to appear in the movie Willow. As shown in Industrial Light & Magic: Into the Digital Realm, they were initially described as an area near Willow's village that served as the departure point for the expedition to the Daikini crossroads.[3] In the actual movie, however, the departure point did not feature those stones.[4]



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