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Sorsha is the tritagonist of Willow. She was the daughter of Queen Bavmorda and Prince Mikal Tanthalos of Tir Asleen.

She has red hair (inherited by her father) and stood 1.62 meters tall. Bavmorda attempted to change her paternal trait by magic, but her true shade always shone through.

Sorsha grew in loneliness as the underlings were too terrified to befriend her. Her only friend was Lop, a mangy lop-eared cat. Bavmorda raised the young princess intending to follow her path as a sorceress, but she failed at the simplest tests. One day Bavmorda tricked Sorsha into accidentally killing the cat.

However she became a master archer and horseback rider. Growing up she enjoyed long journeys. Nockmaar lieutenant Fennel taught Sorsha how to use a sword but Bavmorda transformed him into a giant maggot. Still, at a very young age she was knowledgeable enough in the art of war to command the Nockmaar army much to the chagrin of Bavmorda and reached the rank of second in command of the military, under General Kael.

She was there when Elora Danan the infant destined to destroy Bavmorda was born and went to notify her mother. Then she was tasked with finding Ethna who escaped the Nockmaar dungeons with the baby. She was too late and could not find where the dead nursemaid had hidden Elora. Bavmorda then tasked Kael to aid her.

However she would later discover the baby and her guardian, the Nelwyn Willow Ufgood in a roadside inn.

She met the team again when her forces captured the baby, and while escaping her camp,

Madmartigan fell under the spell of a fairy love dust (dust of broken hearts), and professed undying devotion and affection to her. She would later fall to Madmartigan as he defended Tir Asleen, impressed by his daring and heroism.

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This fulfilled the omen that she would turn against her mother. She rejected her wicked past, and vowed to put an end to her mother's treachery. With Madmartigan she joined the knights of Galladoorn against Nockmaar.

Once Bavmorda was defeated, she married Madmartigan and lived with him in her childhood home of Tir Asleen. One year after Bavmorda's downfall, Sorsha disappeared in the Cataclysm, along with the rest of Tir Asleen. The Cataclysm was a series of mysterious removals of several large populations and land masses. What was left was scoops into the earth and missing mountains, which were then called scars. Rain did not dare to enter the scars. None of the victims were ever heard of again from the Cataclysm and there was never a satisfactory unambiguous explanation for it.

Behind the scenes[]

In Willow, Sorsha was played by Joanne Whalley.