"No question! Just think, no more tricks with feathers! No more hiding pigs inside your coat! You'll learn real magic, Willow! Real sorcery!"
Meegosh to Willow Ufgood, in Willow: A Novel

Sorcery was the power of influencing events by channeling the energy of the Great Mystery. It was commonly referred to as magic, although some, like the High Aldwyn, insisted that magic and sorcery were different things.[1]

Some beings participated in the Great Mystery from the very moment they were born, which rendered them able to learn sorcery.[1] Affinity for magic, however, was a rare gift, and not always inherited.[2] Every sorcerer or sorceress was encouraged to pursue his or her own Way; while both Fin Raziel and Bavmorda drew heavily on the powers of the Mystery, the latter was driven by selfishness, and her Way was corrupted.[1] The term "magic" was also applied to the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand. The Nelwyn farmer Willow Ufgood was initially one such stage magician, although he ended up becoming a real sorcerer.[3]


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