The Scars are devastated, barren and sterile locations caused by the blasts of the Cataclysm that annihilated whole locations across the Twelve Domains. The Scars stood where those locations of Power had been, where the energy ley lines of the physical world intersected those of the Realms Beyond. Everything and everyone within the blasts disappeared as if it never existed.

Scars were left with sterile grey dust without any moisture, minerals or life. The Scar itself was a hollowed out crater -miles wide and 100 feet deep- of seared ground that was fused as glass. The smooth surface was black gleaming with streams and reefs of darkling shades, absorbing heat and reflecting it at the same time. No dust settled within the bowl. Whenever there was rain, droplets that fell outside the Scar rushed away downhill but no hint of liquid would remain.

As years passed, nothing had stepped in to fill the Scar. Only tumble and scrub weeds attempted vainly to root but found no substance and were blown away. Neither brownies nor eagles ever came near the Scars. Bastian and Anele didn't fly over them out of respect for the lost lives they represented, and the unknown power that caused them.


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