"Talking possum. All we need."
Franjean, in Willow: A Novel

Possums were quadrupedal creatures that had a pointy snout, beady black eyes, small ears, a body round as a loaf of bread, and a furry tail, as long again as their body. Their four black legs ended in four clawed toes with a fifth unclawed but opposed, adapted to grasping tree limbs. They had scruffy, bristly fur, and their mouth contained forty-eight teeth.[1] Fin Raziel, a good sorceress from Tir Asleen, was turned into a grey possum by her rival, Bavmorda.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Warwick Davis admitted that he was terrified when working with the Australian possum that portrayed the transformed Fin Raziel, because the animal wanted to bite him whenever he came near. In scenes where the possum sat on Willow's shoulder, Warwick was concerned about his earlobe.[3]

Creature studies by John Bell show that, at one point, Raziel was supposed to have been transformed into a red panda rather than a possum.[4]



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