"A saw-toothed range of mountains, arranged in tiers like the teeth of a great shark, surrounding a valley cast in the shape of a dagger. A long-extinct volcano forms the pommel of the knife and from its flanks grows a fortress, the oldest on the world, and the most accursed."
Elora Danan, in Shadow Star

A map showing Nockmaar and the surrounding kingdoms

Nockmaar was a land situated on the western continent of the Mother World. It contained the Nockmaar Mountains, some of which were active volcanoes, and the rumored source of the River Freen.[1] At the dawn of time, when the Malevoiy ruled over the world, Nockmaar housed their greatest stonghold. It was said to be the only place in the Twelve Great Realms that existed as much on the Circle of the Spirit as on the Circle of the World, allowing the Malevoiy to cross the Veil back and forth as easily as they pleased.[2]

Eventually, the Malevoiy were somehow banished to their own realm forever.[2] Following the Malevoiy's departure, Nockmaar became home to groups of Daikini nomads who led simple lives and answered to no king.[1] In spite of its strong, inherent association with evil,[2] at the time of the nomads, Nockmaar was hospitable, if cold and windy. Although brief, its summers were warm enough to permit the growth yellow buttercups and bluebonnets, which covered the plains for miles. The local fauna included polar bears, seals, and ormuls.[1]

However, after Bavmorda managed to became queen of the powerful kingdom of Tir Asleen, the independance of Nockmaar was compromised. The so-called Demon Queen chose Nockmaar to become her new seat of power, from which she would conquer the whole world, and she enslaved the nomads to build her a fortress. Eventually, Bavmorda's unrestrained exploitation of the land's natural resources turned Nockmaar into a bleak and hostile place.[1] Ironically, Nockmaar became the site of a climatic battle during which Bavmorda met her doom.[3]



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