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Background Information
Other Names
Usage Teaching evil sorcery[1]
Owners Bavmorda[1]
Material Parchment, iron, gold[1]
First appearance The Willow Sourcebook[1]
"You are young, but you should learn not to speak of such evil texts. There is nothing in… that book… but corruption."
Fin Raziel, to Bavmorda, in The Willow Sourcebook

The Malatrium was a spellbook that contained evil sorcery. It was bound in iron with pages of thin gold leaf. Its content inevitably fueled the dark ambitions of those who used it. Like other such works, it had a will of its own; when an evil sorcerer arose, the book would appear, and when that sorcerer was destroyed, the Malatrium would vanish again. When she was still a young enchantress living in Tir Asleen, Bavmorda discovered the Malatrium in the library of King Tanthalos VIII's castle. She took it with her the very day she found it, and left Tir Asleen for over a year. When she came back, Bavmorda was resolved to rule the world against the will of its inhabitants.[1]


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