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Airk Thaughbaer, Madmartigan and the Knights of Galladoorn.

The Knights of Galladoorn, also known as "the Shining Legion," were a chivalric order that originated in the Daikini kingdom of Galladoorn. They often served as peace officers, administrators, and circuit judges. They were defeated by the Army of Nockmaar during the Fall of Galladoorn. Only 1000 Knights of Galladoorn, including Airk Thaughbaer survived that event.[1] Thaughbaer and his men later joined the Tir Asleen rebels of Willow Ufgood in their crusade to dethrone the Demon Queen Bavmorda. They fought valiantly in the battle of Nockmaar.[2] With Bavmorda's fall, the Knights resolved to rebuild Castle Galladoorn, and recruited new applicants to succeed the fallen heroes. The Shining Legion reinstated Madmartigan with honor, and Willow Ufgood was made an honorary member.[1]

Knights of Galladoorn at the Daikini crossroads.



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