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"Magic is the bloodstream of the universe. Forget all you know, or think you know. All that you require is your intuition."
High Aldwin Junn, to the hopefuls, in Willow

Junn was a male Nelwyn who participated in the Great Mystery and, as such, was trained in sorcery.[2] By the time of the battle of Nockmaar, he had served as the High Aldwin of all Nelwyns for many years, and he was the spiritual guide of the village where Willow Ufgood and his family resided.[3] Shortly before the fall of Bavmorda, he decided to test a few "hopefuls" for the chance to become his apprentice and potential successor. While nobody officially passed his test, Junn took an interest in Willow Ufgood, believing that the young farmer was meant to become a sorcerer.[1]

Shortly thereafter, the village was attacked by a pack of Death Dogs. When it appeared that the creatures were looking for Elora Danan, an abandoned Daikini infant who had been rescued by the Ufgoods, the whole village wanted to abandon child. When Willow Ufgood stood alone against them, Junn understood that the young farmer genuinely loved Elora, and her knew that leaving the baby to die would be cruel. Junn threw the bones in search of answers, but they proved unhelpful. Consequently, the High Aldwin decided to follow his own heart. He pretended that the bones demanded that the child be taken beyond the reaches of the Nelwyn Valley, to the Daikini crossroads where a new guardian would watch over her. He did reveal to Willow that it was all a show and that his decision was based on the farmer's desire to protect Elora.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In Willow, Junn was played by Billy Barty.



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