Island of Raziel
Island of Fin Raziel
Background Information
Type Island[1]
Location Lake of Fin Raziel[1]
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants Fin Raziel (formerly)[2]
First appearance Willow[2]

The so-called Island of Fin Raziel was a small, rocky island located in a lake below Tir Asleen, actually a widening in the course of River Freen.[1] It drew its name from the enchantress Fin Raziel, who was turned into a possum and stranded there by her rival, the evil Queen Bavmorda. The transformed Raziel spent long years on the unihabited island, until the Nelwyn hero and trainee magician Willow Ufgood came to rescue her.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The island and the lake were filmed right outside a hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. The fishing village set, however, was built at Milford Sound, in the very south of New Zealand.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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