Galladoorn emblem

The emblem of Galladoorn

Galladoorn was a free Daikini kingdom of the north. In its height, it was second only to Tir Asleen in splendor. During the childhood of Madmartigan, Galladoorn was ruled over by a royal couple who gave refuge to all who had been forced to flee their home. Because of that, Galladoorn became a wondrous mix of cultures, and that rich diversity increased the kingdom's strength.[1] The kingdom was also home to a chivalric order, the Knights of Galladoorn. When Bavmorda's kingdom of Nockmaar started to cast its shadow on the free world, all knights and warriors of Galladoorn rallied to the defense of their homeland. However, the Knights suffered terrible defeats in battle at Land's End and at Castle Galladoorn. During the latter clash, the Army of Nockmaar led by General Kael slaughtered the outnumbered Knights of Galladoorn, and the few survivors were forced to abandon the castle.[2] That day, the kingdom of Galladoorn fell. The surviving knights, however, went on to form the bulk of the Tir Asleen rebels, who managed to defeat Bavmorda.[3]



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