Fishing village
Fishing village
Background Information
Type Village[1]
Location Between Nockmaar and the Nelwyn Valley[1]
Other Information
Other names
First appearance Willow[2]

A small fishing village was located on the shore of the so-called Lake of Fin Raziel, south of an ill-reputed tavern.[1] Willow Ufgood, Madmartigan and the Brownies Rool and Franjean stopped there on their way to the Island of Fin Raziel, which was right in the middle of the lake. The village was deserted at the time, but Ufgood managed to borrow a small boat to help him reach his destination.[2] While rowing, he understood that the reason behind the village's abandoment may have been the presence of a dangerous Fish Boy, with whom he waged a harrowing battle. After Ufgood returned from the island with Fin Raziel, he and his companions were attacked by the Army of Nockmaar, who took them all prisoners and reduced the village to ashes.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The fishing village set was built at Milford Sound, in the very south of New Zealand.[4]



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