The so-called "Fish Boy" was a mysterious being who lived near the Island of Fin Raziel. Although he seemed to be a mere Daikini boy, his true form was that of a monstrous fish creature. When Willow Ufgood prepared to row out to the Island of Fin Raziel, the Fish Boy emerged from the surrounded lake, warned the visitor to stay away, then dove back into the water. Ufgood, however, ignored the cryptic warning and visited the island. When he and Raziel returned to the mainland, a ferocious storm rose. The boy then reappeared, transformed into his monster fish form, and attacked the boat. After a harrowing battle, Willow Ufgood ended up using one of his magic acorns to turn the monster to stone.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the novelization, the pre-transformation Fish Boy is described as fair-haired, tanned, blue-eyed, and smiling radiantly.[1] In the comic adaptation, he was gold-skinned with long greyish-brown hair.[2] In the actual scene shot for the movie, however, he was bald with fangs and a fin on his back.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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