Fin Raziel is a good sorceress of Tir Asleen who was tutored by Vulsant. She was courted by Prince Mikal Tanthalos until Bavmorda seduced him and banished Raziel, transforming her into a possum.[1] Then she remained in exile on a lonely island, until Willow Ufgood came to her.[2]

Fin Raziel taught Ufgood a transformation spell so he could return her to her human form, but he only managed to turn her into a rook. Shortly later the team brought baby Elora Danan to Tir Asleen to find out that the place was cursed by Bavmorda. While the Army of Nockmaar attacked, Ufgood once more attempted to cure her, but again he failed and made her into a goat. When she finally became human again, Raziel was given Cherlindrea's wand and led the fight against Bavmorda to save Elora Danan.[2]

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In Willow, Fin Raziel was played by Patricia Hayes.



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