"Don't watch my sword, watch my arm. Its motion foretells that of the blade."
Fennel, to Sorsha, in The Willow Sourcebook

Fennel was a male Daikini who served as a lieutenant in the army of Nockmaar. It was he who first taught Sorsha, daughter of queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar, to use a sword. However, Bavmorda had always planned to make a sorceress out of her daughter. When she learned of Fennel's swordfighting lessons, the queen had Fennel imprisoned. After a brief interrogation, the lieutenant suffered the wrath of the queen, who turned her into a giant, sluglike worm. The transformed Fennel then escaped the dungeon through a window, plungeing to the ground below. As Sorsha never learned what had really happened to her one-time teacher, she assumed he had been killed, or stationed at a post far away in the northern wastes.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"She seemed to expect it. I took it as a royal command. I'm sorry if I displeased you. I meant well—"
Fennel, to Queen Bavmorda, in The Willow Sourcebook

A brave lieutenant, Fennel was a skilled swordsman. Although he feared Queen Bavmorda's anger as much as any inhabitant of Nockmaar, he agreed to teach Princess Sorsha both because he cared for her and because he took it as a royal command. Before being turned into a pallid worm, Fennel sported a mustache.[1]


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