Elves were an intelligent race of beings with wise eyes, with the males all sporting a beard. The elves lived in deep caverns and maintained a complex network of caves and passages through the mountains. Elfin communities were led by lords. Originally, elves could been found from south of the Nelwyn Valley to the ice caves of the north. Those elves of the mountains had been armorers and metal workers, the best in all the kingdoms. They notably produced silver rings, knives that never needed sharpening, The armor worn by the kings of Tir Asleen was also tailored by elfin workmen. However, by the time of the battle of Nockmaar, the northern elves were finally exterminated by the mountain trolls. Other elfin populations had had marble quarries, which provided the slabs that were used to pave the road to Tir Asleen, centuries before the fall of Nockmaar. Still others, those who lived far south of Nelwyn Valley, were renowned glasssmiths.[1]



Behind the scenesEdit

A scene involving elves appeared in an early version of the script for Willow, numbered as the first draft, third revision, and dated November 14, 1986. According to that scene, the elves were known for tormenting babies, making them cry and taking their tears in order to produce dew drops. While Willow Ufgood was on his way to meet Cherlindrea, a band of Elves abducted Elora Danan, the baby girl he tried to protect, and took her to one of their tear factories. With the help of the Brownies Rool, Franjean, and Teemo, Ufgood managed to rescue the baby from the Elfin factory. That scene, however, never appeared in the later versions of the script or in the movie itself.

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