Disappearing pig trick

The disappearing-pig trick was the grand finale of the stage magic show that Willow Ufgood performed 1342 years after the Nelwyn Arrival Day, during the Planting Festival at his village.[1] It made it appear that Ufgood, with a simple flourish of a cloak, could make a small pig vanish into thin air in front of a crowd. Although the trick initially impressed the crowd, the applause turned to hoots of derision when the piglet lept out of a secret pocket in Ufgood's cloak.[2]

Ufgood later used that trick in Queen Bavmorda's conjuring room to make it look like he had sent Elora Danan to a realm where evil could not touch her. Although Danan had not actually disappeared, the trick destabilized Bavmorda, who disrupted her altar and accidentally launched her evil ritual upon herself.[2]



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