Daikini Crossroads

The Daikini Crossroads.

The Daikini crossroads were the junction of once-important trade routes (Galladoorn-Tir Asleen and Nockmaar-Cashmere) used by Daikinis. They were an informal meeting place and even hosted a market.[1]

However, when the sorceress Bavmorda took control of Nockmaar, she stopped all trade with Cashmere, thus cutting one of the two routes. When she froze the inabitants of Tir Asleen in quartz and trapped their castle in a canyon maze, she also severed the Galladoorn-Tir Asleen road. As a consequence, the Daikini crossroads were mostly abandoned and fell into disrepair, and a nearby village started stranding convicts there to die in iron crow's cages.[1]

1342 years after the Nelwyn Arrival Day,[1] the High Aldwin Junn tasked Willow Ufgood and a group of fellow Nelwyns with bringing Elora Danan to the Daikini crossroads, where she would be entrusted to the first Daikini the group would meet.[2]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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