"This thing held me by the chest in both hands, the way I'd hold a ten-year-old boy. It had blood on its teeth, and breath like I can't even begin to describe."
Madmartigan, in The Willow Sourcebook

Cyclopes were a race of gigantic creatures that could be found in all latitudes, although they preferred cooler climates. They were solitary and nomadic creatures who ate large quantities of raw meat and fish. Although they were more intelligent than mere animals, the cyclopes tended to be obtuse, and were unable to use magic. By the time of Bavmorda's reign, cyclopes were rarely seen on the Western continent, although fishermen off the Land's End coast would report seeing a cyclops in that area. All sources agreed that cyclopes were a brutal opponent for an entire hunting party, making it impossible for a lone fighter to defeat it. Despite that, Madmartigan once claimed to have battled a cyclops on his own and survived. If his dubious claim is to be trusted, cyclopes were ten feet tall creatures roughly human in shape, with little to no hair, thick bowed legs, enlarged knuckles and fingers ending in long claws.[1] Some of them had sallow skin,[2] while Madmartigan's account described them as having reddish-brown skin.[1]



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