Cherlindrea's wand
Cherlindrea's wand
Background Information
Other Names
Manufacturer Cherlindrea[1]
Usage Channeling magic[2]
Owners Cherlindrea; Fin Raziel[3]
Material Ash wood[1]
First appearance Willow[3]

Cherlindrea's wand was a powerful magical tool that was designed and crafted by the high fey Cherlindrea to increase the overall power of its wielder[1] by channeling magic.[2] To all appearances, it was a simple crooked stick made of ash wood, about eighteen inches long. Nevertheless, it was one of the most powerful magical items of its time.[1]

After the enchantress Bavmorda stole the heart of Prince Mikal Tanthalos from her colleague Fin Raziel, the latter asked Cherlindrea for her wand, willing to confront Bavmorda and win her prince back again. The high fey refused, thinking that Raziel still had much to learn before she could use such a tool.[4]

Many years later, however, Cherlindrea gave the wand to Willow Ufgood and asked him to take it to Raziel so she could use it to destroy Bavmorda and put an end to her dark reign. Raziel, who had been turned into a possum by Bavmorda in the intervening years, taught Willow how to use the wand and then a transformation spell in order to change her back into a human.[3]

When the final battle came, Raziel used the wand to battle Bavmorda, but their magic proved equal. Their duel resorted to a physical struggle with the wand before Bavmorda took the wand and planned to use it to destroy the soul of baby Elora Danan, the prophesized Empress of all Daikini kingdoms. However, Bavmorda accidentally tripped and spilled the content of a ritual bowl, which accidentally ignited it with the wand, hence exiling her own soul into oblivion.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The original wand was an actual piece of wood that the props department had found. However, after a few days of shooting, they grew anxious that it might break, which prompted them to make several duplicates from fiberglass. At the end of the filiming, the actor Warwick Davis (portraying Willow Ufgood) was allowed to keep one of those replicas.[5]


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