"Carissima" is one of the names Madmartigan used to refer to a woman who once betrayed him (he also variously referred to her as Kara, Carla, Celia, Solia, Catherine, Gwendolyn, or Gladys). Depending on the account, she might have been a princess from Cashmere, a duke's daughter, the implausibly young widow of a viscount, or the chambermaid of a queen. What is certain is that "Carissima" had been sent to Madmartigan by Minister Jarenth, a rival of his at the court of Galladoorn. She had been tasked with endearing herself to Madmartigan and then see what secrets of the Knights of Galladoorn he would betray. In a sense, Jarenth’s scheme went astray, as "Carissima" actually fell in love with her target and refused to report what she may have learned. Jarenth, however, managed to turn the situation to his advantage by presenting "Carissima" with evidence—real of fabricated—that Madmartigan had cheated on her. Enraged, "Carissima" stormed the hall of Castle Galladoorn even as Madmartigan was renewing his oath of loyalty. She yelled out everything he had told her in confidence until she broke in tears and ran from the hall. Madmartigan never saw her again, but was deeply and durably hurt by that experience.[1]


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