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Brownies were a race of the Lesser Faery,[2] that looked like miniature versions of Daikinis (9 inches on average) and lived in the woods. They were warriors, masters of the bow and arrow arranging themselves in small communities that they hyperbolically referred to as kingdoms. The brownie social structure revolved around the burrow, a system of underground tunnels in which a brownie clan resided. [1]

They lived about one thousand years and perhaps of this boredom, they grew a strong mischievous streak so that larger races considered them pests and vermin. However the Brownies were resourceful and loyal. Some were servants of Cherlindrea.[1]

A group of brownies captured the Nelwyn travellers Willow Ufgood and Meegosh and presented them before Cherlindrea. The fairy queen then revealed the fate of baby Elora Danan to Ufgood and sent him on the quest to return her to Tir Asleen. Franjean and Rool accompanied Ufgood on his journey.[3]



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