The Brithemain were one of the two main orders of druids that originated from the Western continent of Andowyne. Those ambitious and violent sorcerer-priests were named so after their founder. Eventually, the Demon Queen Bavmorda seized control of the Brithemain order. The druids' tale-keeper Filad was imprisoned, and the others came to serve the Demon Queen by assisting her in her rituals.[1] The druids in service of Bavmorda were all grey-haired, bearded, pale-skinned men wearing priestly robes.[2] They were known for conducting human sacrifices.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the Brithemain first appeared in the movie Willow, they were first identified as such in The Willow Sourcebook. In Old Irish, brithemain is the plural form of brithem, which means "judge."



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