Book of magic
Book of Magic
Background Information
Other Names
Usage Teaching magic[1]
Owners Vulsant; Fin Raziel;[1] Willow Ufgood[2]
Material Vellum (pages), calfskin (binding), silk (spine), brass (corner pieces)[1]
First appearance Willow[2]
"Anonymous. Untitled. No date. Folio vol., calfskin binding w/ stamped brass corner pcs, sewn spine (silk). ii + 54 pp vellum, handwrtn, unnumb. Illustrated. Good condition; slightly foxed."
Description of the Book of Magic by a Tir Asleen librarian, in The Willow Sourcebook

The so-called Book of Magic was the nickname of an otherwise untitled spellbook that Vulsant, the court magician of Tir Asleen, once gave to his apprentice, the fair sorceress Fin Raziel. After the evil enchantress Bavmorda became queen consort of Tir Asleen, Raziel first fell out of favor, then was turned into a possum and exiled on an island. The Book of Magic remained in the castle library at Tir Asleen. Many years later, Bavmorda and her allies were defeated during the battle of Nockmaar. Raziel, who had reverted to her true form, retrieved the spellbook from Tir Asleen Castle.[1] She gave it to Willow Ufgood, Nelwyn farmer and trainee magician.[2]



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