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The battle of Tir Asleen was a conflict that pitted the troops of the Demon Queen Bavmorda against a group of rebels that attempted to overthrow her by fulfilling an old prophecy. It took place 1342 years after the Nelwyn Arrival Day, around and in the castle of Tir Asleen, where the Nelwyn trainee magician Willow Ufgood and his companions hoped to find an army to protect Elora Danan, a child who was supposed to bring the downfall of Bavmorda. However, the rebels found that the city's inhabitants had all been frozen in crystal. Shortly after the rebels' arrival, the troops of Bavmorda reached the castle, with General Kael and Princess Sorsha at their heads. The situation was further complicated by the sudden appearance of an eborsisk dragon.[1]

With the help of Madmartigan, a fallen knight, and Fin Raziel, an enchantress that had been turned into a goat, Ufgood managed to defend his position for a time, against all odds. Eventually, the Knights of Galladoorn came to the rebel's rescue, and the Nockmaar army fled the castle. That turn of event, however, could not be qualified as a rebel victory, because Kael had managed to kidnap Elora Danan in his flight. The rebels, now allied with the Knights of Galladoorn and Princess Sorsha, who had changed sides out of love for Madmartigan, then headed out for Nockmaar Castle, where a decisive battle would take place.[1]



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