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"Land's End! You heard about that, did you? Ah, a great betrayal, a great desertion!"
Franjean, in Willow: A Novel

The battle at Land's End, fought at Land's End between Airk Thaughbaer's Knights of Galladoorn and the Army of Nockmaar, occurred some 1342 years after the Nelwyn Arrival Day. Although the Knights were far outnumbered, they could not afford failure, lest Bavmorda's army sweep down onto the plains of Galladoorn, then lay siege to Castle Galladoorn.

Madmartigan, who led a company of infantry, took his men on a roundabout path that was supposed to bring them behind the exposed Nockmaar warriors. However, the enemies discovered them, and the Galladoornian infantry was smashed by overwhelming force. Instead of staying to die with his soldiers, Madmartigan deserted in battle. Following his path, the minions of Nockmaar circled to surround the Knights of Galladoorn. Most of them died, although Thaughbaer's capable leadership allowed of his army to escape alive.

After Land's End, Madmartigan was expelled him from the order, in absentia. Two days after their victory at Land's End, the Army of Nockmaar attacked Castle Galladoorn. The diminished Knights of Galladoorn were no match for the brutal invading forces of Nockmaar, and were forced to abandon the castle.[1]



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