The Army of Nockmaar was the military forces that enforced the will of Queen Bavmorda. It was founded after the Demon Queen claimed the Nockmaar Valley for herself and made it the center of her personal empire. She turned the villages scattered at the forest's edge and along River Troon into slave-labor camps and drafted every able-bodied man. As identity papers were prohibited to enlist, many men with a shady past enlisted voluntarily. As a consequence, the Army of Nockmaar became a haven for all kinds of criminals, from deserters to husbands fleeing their family responsibilities.[1]

At the height of Bavmorda's power, the entire army included some 15,000 men. The smallest independent operating unit was the squad, consisting of six men. Five squads made up a platoon; two platoons a company; and three companies a battalion of 200 soldiers. Four battalions fromed a regiment of 800 men, and three regiments a division. The Army of Nockmaar was made up of infantrymen, horsemen, archers, and charioteers.[1]



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