Andowyne is supposedly the name of the fantasy world where Willow takes place.

Like Earth, the world has a sun and a moon and in the night many stars are visible, which aid navigators. Although most people consider it to be flat and to have an end, dragons as well as sorcerers know that the world has no end but is round, a rotating ball in the universe.[1]

The world is populated by beings such as Fairies, Brownies, Dragons, Trolls, Cyclops and Centaurs; and others such as Nelwyns, Eborsisks and the human-like Daikini.

Not much is known about the creation, history and geography of Andowyne other than some kingdoms such as Tir Asleen and Galladoorn. The continent where action akes place has a mounain range that extends from north to south. One of its seas is the Sunset Ocean

The name derives from an April Fool's joke according to which a planet of that name would be a crossover between Willow and Star Wars, and the Willow movie and The Shadow War Chronicles trilogy would become part of the Star Wars canon.

The world of Willow has not been named, so "Andowyne", although created for a joke, remains the most official word on that matter. The vague term "Mother World" is used by Calan Dineer in the Prologue to Shadow Moon.



Notes and referencesEdit

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