The daughter of the king of Angwyn. She lost her mother and brother the night of the Cataclysm and saw Elora Danan coming in the palace courtyard. Her father demanded to become one of Elora's Vizards and sheran away.

She eventually met the Maizan and joined their ranks having learned their skills. She grew a mutual feeling of love for the Maizan Castellan, Mohdri. She returned to Angwyn for Elora's Ascension as Sacred Princess and when some unknown force froze the city and all it's inhabitants, she blamed Elora.

Anakerie spent the next three years hunting down Elora Danan as a member of the Maizan's elite assassin group, the Black Rose. When she finally caught up with Elora in Sandeni, she realized that her long lost brother had teamed up with Elora. Anakerie rejected the Maizan and vowed to stay with her brother.